With almost all of the 80-boat fleet fishing today there were lots of changes — and I’m sure the same will apply tomorrow.

There was finally a legal white marlin brought to the scales as Wet Rock Fishing had a 70-inch, 60.4-pound white that was fought by Jouber Pereira.

A virtual flood of bigeyes shook up the tuna category, though Brandon Kape’s 231-pounder from the first day on Taylor Jean/MJ’s held onto the lead. Hunter Gutwein’s 223-pounder on Just One More moved into second, and Frank Giordano took over third with a 204-pounder on Touch of Grey.

With both the dolphin and wahoo categories being led by relatively small fish, there were bound to be changes there — though both are still likely to be beaten tomorrow. Ken Wible now has the lead in dolphin at 27.1 pounds on Low Profile, and Darren Helwig pushed the wahoo lead up from just 16.5 pounds up to 42.2 pounds on Roll Groove.

Though a second blue marlin was included in the species count, the opening 437-pounder on TLC continues to stand alone in that category.

I’ll have a lot more on this tomorrow.

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