With the scale almost closed for the night, a total of 27 fish were recoded though only two have a good chance of being in the big money.

The 107.5-inch blue marlin noted in my earlier blog weighed 437 pounds and has no competition. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it beaten before the week is out. The only large tuna was a 231-pounder by Drandon Kape on Taylor Jean/MJ’s. Other tuna entries were under 70 pounds. Danny Young had a 16.5-pound wahoo on Catch 23, and the largest dolphin was only 13 pounds by Andy Levy on Three’s Enough. The only billfish releases were four white marlin and a sailfish.

Vinny D’Anton didn’t catch any stripers this morning in the Monmouth County surf, but he saw schools of bunkers out of range that were being torn up by dolphins while pelicans attacked from the sky.

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