The Discovery Channel must have a deal going with sharks leading up to their annual Shark Week because encounters seem to be in the news almost every day lately.

Some TV commentators have been ascribing that to Climate Change making inshore waters warmer, but that’s been given as the reason for everything from drought to flooding. The HHS Secretary even blamed Climate Change for the out-of-control border situation.

A serious attack was on a young girl who was in five-foot depths in southwest Florida when a bull shark attacked her leg –which had nothing to do with warmer waters as that’s the natural habitat of the most dangerous U.S. mainland

shark which even runs up into rivers.

We have a better idea of where great white sharks are as an organization named OCEARCH has placed satellite tags in many giant whites. Yesterday they noted a couple weren’t too far from New York. which isn’t unusual — but the location of one as near Hamilton in Madison County was surprising since that’s the site of Colgate University. I graduated there in 1958, and can assure you it’s a very long way from the nearest saltwater! I wonder if that 11.26-foot white shed the tag which was then picked off a beach by someone who took it to upstate New York?

The Canyon Runner Fleet from Point Pleasant sent the following report of their Coaching members offshore trips:

“Members Jon and Christian Licciardi fished with their friends on the boat, Five on It, out of Deep River, CT for the Montauk Marine Basin shark tournament.  Day 1 they weighed a 273 Thresher which was good enough for third place thresher overall. We had another Member who wishes to stay anonymous fish a Charity Tournament on Long Island a week or so ago who won the tuna category!!Tournament time is now upon us for the next 8 weeks – good luck to all fisherman who decide to enter – nothing like hanging a six figure – or dare we say – seven figure fish!! OC Tuna Tournament, Jimmy Johnson, Big Fish Classic – and our first of the year – Montauk Canyon Challenge are all right around the corner.
Montauk Canyon Challenge Expecting the Biggest Turnout in the History – The are Already Past Last Year’s Total Number in Pre-Registration Alone!! New Outboard Only Calcutta! Prize Money Highest Ever!! Folks the format for the Montauk Canyon Challenge is the exact format that puts the odds on an even playing field for all – and is fun as hell! We’ll be there with one of our tournament charters – hope to see you there too – we should but up there Saturday night or early Sunday morning.”

The Golden Eagle from Belmar picked at 4-8-pound blues which hit best on poppers. Sea bass were added to the catch. That boat’s first Inshore Exotics trip by reservation sails on July 11.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands reported an improvement in fluking on Tuesday even though the bottom remains cold with the fish coming up feeling like ice. There were a couple of limits with a 3.5-pound pool winner and a few sea bass and ling.

The forecast is for east winds at just 10 knots.

I go in for another eye operation tomorrow, but will try to get the blog out.


Atlantic Shortfin Mako Retention Limit ModificationAt the recommendation of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), NOAA Fisheries has modified the retention limit for shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) in order to provide the stock an opportunity to rebuild to a sustainable level. The retention limit for both the commercial and recreational fisheries in all state and federal waters is zero fish, effective July 5, 2022. Assessments will be conducted annually to determine any future harvest limits.



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