Though I still haven’t been able to find an obituary for Mark Sosin, I’ve had time to remember better days in the past.

When I was director of field testing for Garcia in Teaneck, N.J. , Mark was doing a series of inexpensive “how-to” books about fishing for various species that he either wrote or farmed out to other writers before editing them. I suggested doing one based on the experiences of my volunteer field testers — and that Secrets of the Pros for Bass was the first book of my career in journalism.

Garcia had a sportfishing boat at that time, and just prior to the Ocean City, Md. White Marlin Tournament there was an opportunity for Mark and I to fish a practice day, but Capt. George Seemann said it was too rough to sail. What could two dedicated anglers do under those circumstances? We got some bait and fished off the dock to see who could catch the most blowfish. I’ll never know how good a white marlin angler Mark was, but he sure had the feel for blowfish!

Bluefish were on top today as the Golden Eagle from Belmar reported catching them mostly on poppers. The choppers ranged from 4 to 9 pounds and were often seen swirling on bunkers.

The small craft warning goes down at midnight. The wind will be down to northwest at a mere 5 knots in the morning before going south in the afternoon.

Vinny D’Anton managed a couple of Monmouth County surf stripers, including a 28-incher, while casting his Chug Bug and MirrOlure — but sand fleas didn’t produce the last couple of days.

Frank Hewitt reported on Facebook as follows: “Congratulations to Charlie!!!πŸ‘
This 13 year old, young Man, hooked up on his own the largest striper I’ve had aboard Harley, to date. πŸ˜³

Charlie listened to the advice given to him and made that one right cast! It was challenging conditions this morning but the young Man stuck with it!!!πŸ‘

For the record he was using the boat’s spinning gear which is:
PENN BATTLE III 5000 ROD&REEL combo with 30# tensile Power Pro running line, leadered to 20# tensile Ande fluorocarbon leader, with a 50# Breakaway fast link clip, to 3/4 oz Khalin jig set with a @zmanfishingproducts 5” trout trick in opening night color scheme!!!πŸ˜‰

As well, the fish was released with a hydrostatic release tool by @seaqualizer!!! Big stripers all get sent back to depth with this tool. πŸ’ͺ

Ultimately; Take a kid fishing! You’ll be amazed what they may catch!!!πŸ˜‰



  1. Mark was the first outdoor writer I had on my boat back in early 70’s when he was just getting started . I also had the pleasure of fishing with George Seeman for many years, my brother was running his boat with him out of Montauk , Cozumel , Key West & Ocean City Md ! Mark was a true gentlemen and close friend for years !

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  2. i had watch mark on his fish shown one episode he was fishing the bouys around the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel for cobra.he was giving the captain a hard time, totally disrespectful to a captain.he lands a 30 plus cobia that the cap put in the boat.then the cap left him to deal with it.the fish beat him up.he stood their with the fish trashing, looking for some help which he didn’t get.soory he’s gone but i still chuckle about his bad moment which we all had


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