The New York sea bass season opens tomorrow with a 16-inch minimum and a bag limit of just three before increasing to six on Aug. 3 through the rest of the year.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands ran into rough wind against current conditions and consequent poor fluking. As a result, they will not sail tomorrow.

The forecast is for only southeast at 10 knots.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar had a slow start to bluefishing, but ended up with a catch of 2-5-pounders.

The Jamaica from Brielle resumes daily trips for blues tomorrow.

Bob Matthews reports from Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina as follows: “

Fishing is motivating right now. We see Kingfish, Fluke,Blues and Bass in the surf.The Bass and Fluke are feeding heavily on sand crabs,anglers are taking many Bass on the crabs as well as Fluke on gulp.The Kingfish are hitting worms or a small piece of clam, the blues are grabbing most any lure coming their way. The fluke fishing in the Shark River has been hot most days. The weekend was a bit breezy causing a fast drift, not the best conditions.

The anglers fishing in the high wind conditions did better by fishing on anchor,

this way they controlled the speed of the bait or lure.

The Seabass season came to an end for now with a little disappointment again the wind 

hurt the final two days. The season was a great success otherwise.”

You want to have some fun go to the beach in your bathing suit bare feet no frills.”

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