The sea bass season in N.J. ended today, and the fleet which has been working on them will now be shifting to either fluke or bluefish.

Capt. Ron Santee made the move to fluke today with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands. He was pleased with the numbers of keepers taken even his fares had to use lots of lead in the northwest blow.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar finished up with a good catch of sea bass today

along with some ling, fluke released blackfish, a cod — and some of the blues they’ll be seeking tomorrow.

As noted last night, I thought the northwester would be good for surfcasting, and that’s what Vinny D’Anton found. He’s been picking stripers in the Monmouth Beach surf on both lures and sand fleas. but that wasn’t working out this morning until a school of 5-10-pound blues showed up. It took a long cast to reach them, and Vinny had to switch to a heavier Tsunami popper to get out to them. Surprisingly, there were no bass today.

The forecast is for northwest winds at 10-15 knots before dropping to west at 5-10 in the afternoon.


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