Though regulations have practically eliminated the shark tournaments that used to flourish in NY/NJ Bight at this time of year, there are still sharks to be had for those who want to engage in what I used to call the poor man’s big game fishing.

I didn’t expect the first shark report this year to come from Keyport, but with reports of bunker-seeking threshers not far from shore it’s not surprising that one would be weighed at Up Front Tackle. Those long-tailed sharks are a common inshore sight and will hit many baits as well as trolled lures. Fortunately, they have small teeth and even fluke fishermen with light leaders sometimes are able to boat them. Threshers are considered to be on a par with the mako as both a game and food species.

Bill Schlette boated this 207-pounder on Two Thumbs Up.

Andreas Toy put the Don Beshada party into lots of yellowfins in the canyons before adding tilefish and barrellfish on Fisherman’s Choice Salmon Belly strips on bottom.
The forecast is for southwest winds at 5-10 knots with possible morning showers. I’ll have results of the JCAA Fluke Tournament tomorrow.

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