Striped bass fishing has been so good for so long this spring that it’s hard to believe that ever bigger linesiders continue to be hooked. Indeed, the big problem for those wanting a striper for dinner is often finding one small enough to be legal.

Ironically, bunker schools have been scarce this year. However, if you can find those baits Capt. Joe Massa at Morgan Marina says you should have no problem catching keepers in the back of Raritan Bay.

The largest stripers seem to be falling to those trolling or using live baits off the Jersey Shore out to the three-mile limit. Since all of those fish have to go back, be sure to get the fork length and girth so you can release them without harm and use the formula (length x girth squared divided by 800) to get a personal record weight.

Sea bass continue to please most anglers, and fluke fishing remains best in warmer internal waters. The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported good sea bass action when drifting conditions improved after a slow start. Some ling and a big monkfish (angler) were added.

The forecast is for calm waters with a northwest breeze at 5-10 knots before shifting to south in the afternoon.

Chuck Many had Cesar Crranza and his son Derek plus Shawn DeVincenzo aboard Tyman from Highlands yesterday to release 21 stripers up to a 49-pounder yesterday.

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