Even those who haven’t registered for the Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament an participate for the many valuable prizes simply by showing up at the PIBSP Pavillion at 5 a.m.

It’s also necessary to have the free N.J. marine fishing registration. Visit newjerseyfishandwildlife.com and follow the directions so you can print out the permit.

The weather looks fishable with light winds and fog early before possible showers.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported a slow start to striper fishing today before a mid-day change of tide provided a pick of bass up to a 42-pounder that had to go back. They’ll be back at the stripers in the morning, but will switch to sea bass when that season opens Tuesday, Both morning and afternoon trips are open for registration.

The Jamaica from Brielle will be running Marathon trips from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. by registration on the sea bass opener.

Greg Prestosh reported fog, rain and cold yesterday morning on Raritan Bay, but he and Jim Hancharick caught 19 stripers up to a 34-pounder. See photo above.


  1. Saturday AM was perfect for Striper fishing in the Monmouth County Surf. Fog, Light easterly winds, just enough movement in the suds. Casted my jumbo bloods in my favorite spot at hight tide and within 10 seconds landed a 32 inch striper. Several hits throughout the morning and also landed a 28 and 24 inches. Conditions look same for Sunday will be trying again.


      1. LOL. $2 a worm! You ain’t kidding! But I have to tell you, that is what they want in my surf right now. Fished again today around a bunch of guys using shrimp and clam as well as lure walkers. I was the only one catching. (I actually felt guilty). I again got one on the first cast (only 24 inches) but then landed 29, 28, and a schoolie. I also tried clams, I want them to work but they only hit my worms!


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