There was bad news today from Capt. Ron Santee of the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands as follows:

FISHERMEN/We lost another Awesome Man, Friend & Fisherman today.

 Created: Tuesday, 10 May 2022 20:18 Written by Capt. Ron

It is once again with a broken heart that I have to post we have lost another Awesome Man.

Lou Del Mastro (Frank’s older Brother) passed today after fighting his battle for many years.

One of the strongest, most kind hearted men I have ever met in my life, always up and never down even in his darkest times.

When it was a tough day, Lou was the guy pumping me back up at the dock with a smile saying,”it’s fishing, you gave it hell, that’s all you can do….I’ll be back.

Never a trip where, your Breakfast (Lunch), because I always ate it on the way out, is in the cooler…Lou & younger brother Frank were inseparable and Always fished together. Frank actually felt comfortable enough one trip last year to go it alone while his brother had chemo treatment, when he told me that, I felt it a badge of honor.

Going through all my pics I could only find two where it was only Lou…..Last week when Frank came to fish, Lou told him to tell me he was sorry he couldn’t make it, always thinking of someone else is why we all love & will miss you. The “other” corner will always be yours, look over your left shoulder and give my Dad a thumbs up for me!

Fair winds, always in our Hearts my Friend. Until we fish again…..

Capt. Ron

The northeaster is finally blowing itself out. That wind will be down to 10 to 15 knots tomorrow, with a perfect east at 5 to 10 knots on Friday.

While waiting for the wind machine to be turned off, Chuck Many switched over to sweet water bass with similar results.


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