It wasn’t what Capt. Freddy Gamboa was expecting. but he ended up opening the N.J. shark season in a most unusual fasion.

The target for the Don Beshada party on Andrea’s Toy from Point Pleasant was the first bluefin tuna, but they first dropped for pollock up to 30 pounds on a deep water wreck. Gamboa couldn’t find any water over 49 degrees in the canyon, so they switched to tilefish as Don caught his first at almost 30 pounds on bait before switching to a jig for another — and then a most unusual porbeagle shark that was released. I haven’t heard of a porbeagle in NY/NJ Bight in recent years, though they were spotted decades ago when mackerel schools arrived in the spring.

Chuck Many got into loads of stripers early with Dave Glassberg and Alex Katyan while fishing live bunkers and eels from his Tyman out of Highlands – but they were all from 31 inches up to 38 pounds.

The weekend looks like a northeaster washout. Rain with east gusts to 45 knots tonight becomes northeast at 20-30 knots and gusts to 45 tomorrow.

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