With the new fluke regs in place for New Jersey, description of the catch has changed. It’s the slot fish between 17 and 18 inches which are providing most of the catch, but they are being referred to as slots while the “keeper” designation is reserved for the one of 18 inches or more which is part of the legal bag. There are a couple of exceptions to the fluke. rules. The limit in Delaware Bay is three at a 17-inch minimum. Surfcasters at Island Beach State Park can catch two 16-inchers plus one at 18 inches or more.

The Sea Tiger II from Atlantic Highlands had a boat limit of keepers on the Tuesday morning trip as well as some slots and shorts.

The Fishermen from that port is sticking with striper fishing , but Tuesday morning was poor with a lack of readings — though there was a shot of surface action. Capt. Ron Santee took a day off due to the rain forecast but will be back at it tomorrow — as will the Golden Eagle from Belmar.

The Mimi VI from Pt. Pleasant is making some special open by reservation trips this month, including bottom fishing on May 9, 13 and 14. Call 732 370-8019.

The marine forecast is for north winds at 10-15 knots with gusts to 20 before dropping to 5-10 in the afternoon.

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