When I was a youngster and just starting to fish aboard party boats on Long Island, a rise in party boat fares usually involved 50 cents as fuel prices were very low and there was little inflation. It’s a lot different now with raging inflation — and steadily increasing fuel prices.

Capt. Ron Santee is hoping to start striper fishing with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands by the secod weekend in April, but still hasn’t set a new fare. He’s using ng a sharp pencil to avoid a shock for his anglers, but diesel is at $4.60 a gallon and climbing.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar didn’t sail for cod today due to the wind, but hopes to be able to open the tautog season in April — along with the Golden Eagle and Big Mohawk from that port.

The forecast is for west winds at 20 knots tomorrow morning plus gusts to 25.

This 119.3-pound wahoo was trolled recently during a South Carolina wahoo tournament< but fought by several angles for an hour on 130-pound tackle.

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  1. Funny how the fares never go back down after they go up. Even if the gas prices drop. Gas was below $2.50 2 years ago but the fairs did not go down. I think the excuse was the cost of bait. These party boats are going to price them selves right out of the industry real soon. I am going to be doing a lot more shore and jetty fishing.


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