It’s time for stripers — a worm appears

Dave Lilly has a surefire method of predicting the start of the Raritan Bay striper run which involves nothing more complicated than viewing worms coming out of the ground after a rain.There was only a light drizzle today, but Lillly spotted one worm at Hazlet — and that make

s it official! As previously noted here, Lilly also saw pods of bunkers in the back of the bay last week when the water temperature was already 43 degrees. The first stripers are more likely to be interested in clams or seaworms than bunkers.

The gale warning posted yesterday turned out to be a false alarm as Lilly noted that it was actually calm.

Monday’s forecast is for south winds at 10-15 knots before increasing to 20-25 knots in the afternoon plus a chance of showers.

Capt. Joe Massa and friends visited Costa Rica during Super Bowl week and caught three sailfish (including the one jumping on the leader) plus a blue marlin.

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