If you’re planning on fishing for blackfish all winter, there’s an opportunity to get all you can handle for free if you can just transport them from Washington, where the governor has issued an emergency order to exterminate that invasive species which is impacting native shellfish stocks.

Green crabs are native to the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea, but arrived on this side of the Atlantic by clinging to the bottoms of sailing ships to Cape Cod during the 1800s. They’ve since spread into cold waters everywhere. They’ve become so common that few anglers realize they’re an invasive species\

It seems that the only positive to them is that they make a great bait for tautog. Washington may even supply you with green crabs if you take them away. Amazingly, that crab has managed to thrive in many different climates around the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Some very bad weather is on the way, but Friday morning may be good for fishing with west winds at 10 knots plus gusts to 20. A gale warning is up from late Friday to Saturday night. Snow will be on its way. Down in Ft. Myers we’re bracing for temperatures in the 30s this weekend that may break all-time records. What happened to the warm weather promised with climate change?

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar expects to fish for tog in the morning.

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