Bob Matthews reports as follows from Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina:

The bass bite is still hot on the party boats, the Eagle and Belmar returned today with a mixed bag of bass 28 to 38 inches, fish over 40 inches and bonus fish.The boats were fishing off Seaside and Island Beach they had Big Blues mixed in.The surf is feast or famine, they come in on peanut bunkers, if you’re there it’s fishing at its best,the next day you spend gazing at a dead sea1 have had zero luck hitting those remarkable days, when I’m working the fish are blitzing,on my days off I spend looking an empty beautiful surf,so goes the season of peanuts.The bottom boats are doing very well with blackfish, we should see the fishing hold up as long as we don’t get a bad winter storm.I’m still hoping we get a infusion of sandeels in the mix, that would make for a more consistent fishery.             Keep warm and dry, see you on the beach. BOB”

Vinny D’Anton called from Lavallette this afternoon and said nothing was going on, though birds were working outside the bar as anglers hoped they will move in. There was a very brief blitz yesterday afternoon that included a bass in the 30-pound class.

Mike Monte was determined to catch a bass on a Tsunami Sand Eel at Belmar this morning, and didn’t take any other lures with him. He was encouraged by the presence of cormorants diving in the ares, and managed a couple of small bass that hit right in the wash. Hopefully that’s the start of more consistent fishing.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands only found some small bass where he ended up with a blast yesterday before heading out to the ocean where there was 3 knot drift and they just picked away. The high hook caught seven bass and two blues, while the pool striper was 34 inches.

A small craft advisory is up for Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Tomorrow’s forecast is for southwest winds qt 15-20 knots plus gusts to 25.

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