Vinny D’Anton looked over waves up to 15 feet this morning to spot massive bird action about a mile offshore of the Jersey Shore.

It might take some time before boaters can get to that action as east winds are predicted to continue.. Thursday’s forecast is for northeast at 15-20 knots before dropping to 10-15 in the afternoon. Seas will be 4 to 7 feet.

The Jamaica from Brielle had some good canyon fishing before the storm as noted below. “We had a limit of yellowfin plus some Longfin on the Thursday/Friday trip.Friday night as also very good and Sunday was pretty good.The longfin were 50-60lbs and the yellowfin were 30-80lbs.The canyon is loaded with yellowfin and good numbers of longfin tuna are also moving in.It looks good for our upcoming trips. We have trips scheduled through mid-November.

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