A note from the Captain’s daughter:

The Captain has been busy sorting through 35+ years of fishing memories as he and my mother prepare to sell my childhood home. He will be getting back to giving you all the latest updates as soon as he is settled and has his computer back up and running. Until then, tight lines and best of luck outwitting the creatures of the sea with brains the size of peas!

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  1. I think of all the yrs this loyal man has been providing the daily Fishing Reports for all of us (As I even remember reading his 3 or 4 times weekly (Outdoor Fishing) column in the Star Ledger Newspaper for more then 30yrs probably it was that long over could be even more then that!) that if he cannot produce a report for one or even a few days that nobody will hold that against him! lol

    As he is kind of like the longtime NY Yankees loyal announcer (John Sterling) who has been always there through the good and bad times off the team over the yrs without hardly even missing a game for them.

    So Thank you Capt AL for all the yrs of your great loyal service to the anglers and readers of this great Sport of Saltwater/Freshwater Fishing! šŸ‘šŸ»

    Joe in (Union Co)


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