I’m cleaning up my home prior to putting it up for sale this week. The furniture in my office is available at no charge, as is a weightlifting set with bench that I trained with in high school to build myself up from a 100-pound weakling to the Long Island lightweight title in 1954 and a lifetime of fighting big game fish. My son Mike added the bench and he became an Ironman — so there are good vibes

There is also other house furniture for sale, along with a desk computer that was never used — plus many never used khaki shirts and others friom around the world. Many carry names such as Budweiser, Evinrude, Fenwick, etc. — and are just $5.

The N.J. sea bass season opened in fine weather. but there’s a small craft advisory up through Sunday after adternoon for a northeast blow. Party boats such as the Big Mohawk have already cancelled for two days.

The addess is 1552 Osprey Ct., Manasquan Park. Please call me at732 757-5531

The address is 1552 Osprey Ct., Manasquan

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