Vinny D’Anton checked the Monmouth County surf this afternoon and reported that surfers were having a great time in waves from an offshore storm that were as high as 15 feet.

The surf was rough, but fishable, this morning when I hooked a 24 1/2-inch striper on my first cast with a Chug Bug at Spring Lake. I lost another after a few casts, and Mike Monte lost a bigger fish on his last try before returning to Nantucket. Then it went completely dead. Vinny was fishing further north and spotted some fish chasing mullet which resulted in two bass and a blue releas ed. Tommy Cox was even further north when he spotted little tunny and got two hits without a hook-up.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar wasn’t bothered by the swell as blues were on top. The 3 to 10-pounders hit Ava jigs — and some little tunny were caught in addition to a boat limit of blues.

Red drum almost always have a spot or two at the base of the tail, but this one that Chuck Many caught at HIilton Head, S.C, was a real show-off.

Small craft warnings are up through Sunday afternoon though the winds are west at only 10-15 knots which go southwest at just 5-10 in the afternoon.

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