Sorry for the late blog, but I was on a protracted ASMFC Striped Bass Advisory Council conference call about the latest amendment that resulted in agreement only on the suggestion that it be considerably streamlined with many fewer options before being presented to the public.

There was good news from the Golden Eagle out of Belmar as 4-10-pound blues were hitting jigs and provided a boat limit. They also had a lot of porgies and released many sea bass while whales provided a show around the boat.

Tank Matraxia didn’t have such good news about striper fishing in the Hudson River on Tagged Fish from Highlands. They needed 14-ounce sinkers to drift eels, and only one small blue was caught.

The forecast is for north winds at 10-15 knots.

Chuck Many is even catching tarpon in his salt ponds at Hilton Head, South Carolina.


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