The weather seems to be strightening out even though small craft warnings are up into tonight — and boaters should be out in force tomorrow when the forecast is for north winds at just 5 knots.

The tuna fleet will be gathering off the Rockaways and further east to troll live bunkers or bluefish that may be attacked by a large bluefin which is a very reasonable target in shallow waters — and the Golden Eagle from Belmar resumes daily bluefish jigging as well as a Satirday night bluefish trip which departs at 7 p.m.

Ken Zwirko was one of the successful inshore bluefin fishermen this week.

Vinny D’Anton tried the Monmouth County surf this afternoon and found clear waters plus a school of mullet. Unfortunately there weren’t any stripers on that bait, but Vinny switched to Gulp and started releasing small fluke just as had been the case before the season closed.. He couldn’t duplicate the stargazer he also caught at that time.

N.J. anglers could be catching these if the later season alternative had been adopted.

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