Though bluefish seem to be spotted pr read by party boats every day.thney don’t always bite during the usual early morning period.

That was the case today for the Golden Eagle from Belmar. so they went offshore and chummerd lots of chub mackerel plus some blues. After putting fish in the bags they retirned inshore for a slow bluefish bite before they finally turned on and many 4-8-pounders were jigged along with some porgies as the boat stayed out late.

Yesterday’s canyon mahi trip produced some big dolphin, but not the volume of the previous sailing. It was also rougher than predicted.

Small craft warnings are up from tomorrow morning to Thursday afternoon. Southeast winds of 10-15 knots gust to 25, and there’s a chance of showers.


  1. Hey Al. Haven’t been giving you reports but lately been hitting beach catching like 20 to 25 2 to 4 lb blues in like 2 hours when using mullet on fireball rigs. Mornings casting fins fish to score those blues. Fluke sea robins and some fun chunky Stripers. Prob 4 bass each morn. Today had to dodge all the debris from the wat winds jumping barrel like logs like donkey Kong got my shins and feet whacked and bleeding pretty good haha.


  2. [cid:6FAD8CE2-5AD0-4466-9F26-F1DAACBB1FB8][cid:96715E90-6A81-43EE-B5D0-97554CE850ED][cid:E4AFBD1F-7D30-4807-8DF7-531106C51BB7]


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