The furniture recently removed from my basement is in good shape, and available to anyone interested at no charge. Included are two dressers and end tables plus an expensive natural wood bar with an opening in front for an aquarium. Contact me at 732 757-5531 or cristori@aol;com.

Last weekend’s garage sale went well, but there’s still plenty left that’s sorted into categories, Anyone wishing to to take a look can do so by appointment only.

The weather turned out better than expected, and the last day of N.J.fluking should be fishable with calming northwest winds at 10-15 knots before chifting to northeast at only 5-10 knots in the afternoon.

I’ve been having problems downloading and publishing photos. The huge albacor held by Mark Roy disappeared when I published yesterday. It was caught by Roger Stryker of Toms River trolling from Roy’s Kill Box in the 100 Square of Hudson Canyon on Tuesday. It was estimated over 80 pounds and might have been a state record. One other albacore and over 30 dolphin were caught by the crew which included Rahm Fenton and Kris Petercsak.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant picked at blues early before they came up later in the morning and hit freely along with the best showing of little tunny so far. The high hook caught five tunny on epoxy jigs.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported blues splashing, but not hitting well before they made a move to chum up lots of chub mackerel plus some blues. They ended up getting into the jigging blues.

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