It’s vital to be on the right structire at the right time, but those who find the combination are making some impressive catches.

Tank Matraxia fished yesterday aboard Tagged Fish from Highlands and said limits of large fluke were no problem at Scotland.. His largest was just shy of 6 pounds, and the bite was almost entirely large fluke.

Capt. Joe Massa fished with Kenny Maccrone and jeff Plungis out of Morgan Marina one day last week when they limited up to 8 pounds by 11 a.m.

Joe also had news today about inshore bluefin tuna as Jimmy Peters boated a 70-incher off Breezy Point after a 1 1/3-hour battle.

Johnm Andrea got a report yesterday of such bluefins jumping in Hudson River off Global.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar had only a few bluefish today as the choppers were there but not hitting.

The forecast is for sputh winds at 10-15 knots , but increasing to 20 knots in the afternoon.

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