The run-off from recent heavy rains impacted NY/NJ Bight inshore fishing today as one skipper described the waters as “ugly brown”‘

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported seeing bluefish on top and reading them on the fishfinder, but the jigging was only a pick of blues and chub mackerel. Even fluking seemed to be effected, when there wasn’t good current.

It had been a different story on Friday for the Jamaica from Briellle as bluefishing was good both during the day and on the night trip. Krestina Amanaza of Hammonton also caught the only bonito that day plus a lone cobia — though the cobia was a short and was released.

The Jamaica reports that two spots just opened up on Monday night’s tilefish trip. Call 732 528-5014 to reserve them.

At Atlantic Highlands, the Sea Hunter reported a decent pick of keeper fluke when the current finally got going in the afternoon — though lots of sea bass had to be released.

The Fishermen had a couple of limits and a 6 11/16-pound pool winner.

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