Last night’s blog was published after Milling Around had taken the lead in the Manasquan River Marlin& Tuna Club’s 41st Offshore Open with a 251-pound bigeye tuna, but it turned out that there was an even bigger tuna to come as RightBite weighed a 257-pounder to take the tuna lead.

Entrants in the Offshore Open can run two day trips or one overnighter, until the contest concludes after Saturday’s fishing.

Capt. Lou Grazioso reports the the Cody’s had plenty of excitment during their Tuesday overnighter with Hooked & Running even though they only brought back some yellowfins and a 19-pound swordfish that could win that category. Two bigeyes hit as the were reeling in lines that evening, but the one hook-up was lost at boatside. The next day they were surprised by a blue marlin that Lou estimated at 600 pounds and put on a great show. Blue marlin are a release species in this contest, and it wouldn’t have been eligible because three anglers fought it.

Boats stayed in today, but tomorrow looks good with sunshine and light northwest winds.

Vinny D’Anoon figured the surf would be too rough and dirty today, but gave the same spot as yesterday a try with sand fleas and was surprised to catch six 18-20-inch stripers.

Paul Haertel ran out of Barnegat Inlet to Lindenkohl Canyon recently and found good-sized dolphin.

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