There’s been plenty of good fishing weather this summer, but this wasn’t one of those days. Most boaters stayed home or fished in protected waters, and beach conditions were poor. Vinny D’Anton had a very brief shot of striper action yesterday morning on his Chug Bug in Shark River, releasing a 33 1/2-incher and two 24-inchers, but he only hooked a 3-pound blue there this morning — and no one else even had a hit. Vinny wasn;t happy to see the several red spots on all of yesterday;s bass, but they seemed otherwise healthy.

After John Mazzeo broke the ice with his first little tunny tthe day before, Allen Riley joined him for the trip to Sandy Hook yesterday morning. Conditions were fine, and bait was inshore, but there were no tunny. Riley saw some short fluke caught, and an angler at the rock pile caught two triggerfish on squid — one of which was large.

Chuck Many got off to a good start with stripers in the bay yesterday before storms forced Tyman hack to Highlands.

The marine forecast continues the small craft warning tonight, but the wind drops a bit to east at 10-15 knots with gusts to 20 in the morning.

The Golden Eagle and Miss Belmar Princess found bluefish to be picky on jigs Friday morning, but were able to add sea bass to their catches.

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