Little tunny are a late summer inshore visitor throughout NY/NJ Bight. and they’re just getting started. Boaters are picking a few so far, and the first surf blitzes were reported today in both Monmouth and Ocean counties;

Those tunny were reported to be feeding on tiny bait, so small slim metal lures are probably the best bet. There’s no faster and harder-fighting fish available to the surfcaster, but you have to be there when they appear within casting range — and they rarely stick around very long.

Allen Riley is a little tunny fanatic, and thought he made some casts to them at Sandy Hook this morning, but only got one bump which may have been from a blue. He noted that the park doesn’t open until 6 a.m. — and there was a line all the way back to the old Highlands Bridge.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar limited with 1 1/2-5-pound blues this morning while little tunny were jumping all around them. They added lots of chub mackerel, plus some Spanish mackerel. fluke and sea bass. Yesterday’s Exotics trip produuced some yellowfin tuna, but the water color was poor and there were a lot of sharks.

The Jamaica from Brielle jigged limits of bluefish this morning and added chub mackerel along wuth a couple oflittle tunny up to a 5-pound pool winner.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar had a doormat fluke of 13 1/4 pounds on Tuesday.

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