The tropical storm is well beyond NY/NJ Bight. and fishing should return to high gear for all – though some never stopped.

Chuck Many was out yesterday on his Tyman from Highlands and released lots of stripers after going through 50 live bunkers and two flats of sandworms as he was joined by Aex Katyan.

Capt. Jim Freda even went offshore on Saturday with Shore Catch to go six for nine on tuna with poppers and jigs.

Catch to tuna on both poppers and jigs.

Medium to large bluefins have been trolled wuth live bunkers and bluefish close to shore off the Rockaways.

At Belmar, the Big Mohawk postponed its Monday charter, but will probably sail open for fluke. The Golden Eagle will be sailing in the morning for blues, and has room that night on the last Exotics trip of the season.

The forecast is for southwest winds at 15-20 knots, dropping to 10-15 in the afternoon, Seas will be 3-5 feet, and there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms.

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