As noted in my early blog, the leader least likely to be beaten was the first to as as Billfisher was the first toweigh in with not only a tournament record 1135-pound blue marli but also a Maryland state record. The Zipper later weighed a 472-pound blue, but only finished fifth behind Billfish, Wolverine’s previous tournament record 958, Goin’ In Deeper’s early leader at 681 pounds — and a 487-pounder by Reel Tight.

The seemingly vulnerable white marlin category remained the same with Sea Wolf taking the big money at 82 pounds over an 8-pounder by Lucky Duck II and a 75-pound white by Fish On. C Boys finished fourth at 69 pounds — one pound ahead of Roshambo.

Tuna catches were exceptional, but there was still movement as Slim Shady slipped into fourth behind the two leaders by Pipe Dreamer at 235 and 227 pounds –while The Right Place hung onto third at 188 — just ahead of Endorfin at 184 and 182-pounders by Warden Pass and External Fixation.

There were lots of changes in dolphin as Amarula Sun ran away from the field with a 45-pounder tobeat a 36-pounder on Taylor Jean, a 33 on Picasso Moon — and Blood Money’s previous leader at 31 pounds.

Amarula Sun almost swept the “fin ” fish with a 57-pound wahoo, but Just One More #314 won at 58 pounds. Reel More had a 50-pounder for fourth.

Ill have much more information in the morning.



  1. Please respond to a killing of a thousand pound female marlin along with all the killing of billfish… why is that necessary


    1. The relatively few billfish broght in during these tournaments is insignificant as they have about a 97 percent release rate while provding a great economic impact and food for the needy. The minimum weight of 400 pounds is hard to achieve. Many more are completely wasted as by-catch by tuna longliners.


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