There are only two days left in the 30th MidAtlantic before millions are distributed to the winners, but those last two days usually produce several changes as skippers zero in on any perceived weak link.

That certainly doesn’t apply to blue marlin as yesterday’s 958-pound tournament record on Wolverine will be hard to beat as, depending on what’s weghed in this evening, the next two spots are held by a 681-pounder on Goin’In Deep, and a 487 by Reel Tight. It was sad to watch a small boat, Pelagic Hunter II. offload a great catch- a blue marlin that was long enough to qualify, but not heavy enough at 383 pounds to make the 400-pound minimum.

Tuna trolling has been excellent, especially for Bob Hugin’s The Right Place even though his best at 188 pounds was pushed back by Pipe Dreamer’s 235 and 227 yesterday. Hugin still has a huge lead in tuna points at 626 to Pipe Dreamer’s 231. Yet, there’s room for improvement even there as Bernard and Drew Dinardi hit a blast of bigeyes on Absolut-ly from Brielle Yacht Club that included the still standing tournament record of 254 pounds in 1993.

The Dinardis were among the nicest people I’ve ever met. and ran their boat without any professional help.

The Jamaica from Brielle reported excellent bluefishing this morning, followed by limits of sea bass. they have room in the morning at 7:30, and also sail for blues at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.The forecast is for light west winds

Capt. Lou Grazioso found fine mid-range yellowfin tuna action yesterday while fishing with the Cody’s on their Hookin & Rocking from Brielle. Lou threw his cast net in the river and was surprised to come up with anchovies which the tuna jumped on. They caught six out of 16 — including a couple that hit poppers cast by Matt Cody. Most of the tuna were in the 35-50-pound class, but a couple were over 75 pounds.

I’ll be back with a late blog after the MidAtlantic scales close at 9 .

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