Though bluefish are officially in recovery mode, you’d never know that based on the fishing off the North Jersey coast. The choppers get fussy at times, but the Golden Eagle from Belmar reported they weren’t far from the inlet and were attacking jigs this morning. When that action slowed, some sea bass were added. Chub mackerel were also picked. The Golden Eagle had good action with yellowfin tuna during Monday’s Exotics mid-range trip, though they were running large and many were lost. Two were in the 85-90-pound class, and the others around 50 to 60 pounds while a 20-pound dolphin was also boated. There is room available on next week’s Monday night trip.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands had decent fluking today, though sea bass weren’t hitting well. There was one fluke limit, and the pool fluke was 7 pounds..

Capt. Jim Freda couldn’t find the inshore bluefins Tuesday, and had to wait out a squall before moving off for yellowfins before hooking up and ended up heading back with his Shore Catch by 1.

The forecast is for 10-15-knot southwest winds.

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