The 84th White Marlin Open at Ocean City, Maryland had been plodding along all week with the early leaders secure and fishing very poor..That all changed today as the Seven from Jupiter, Florida went in hoping to hold their lead in tuna but also ended up knocking back the seemingly secure 559.5-pound blue marlin by Mama C with a 775-pounder and adding a 77.5-pound white marlin.

Fender Bender had been leading all week with an 82.5-pound white marlin, but was edged out of a huge pay day at 9:30 when Sushi weighed an 85.5-pounder. I’ll have much more tomorrow when official results become available.

Closer to home, the Golden Eagle from Belmar reported another great day of bluefishing with mostly 3-to-6-pounders as the best bluefishing in years continues;

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