With all the good weather we’ve been having, we can’t really complain about tomorrow’s bad forecast..

Unfortunately, warnings are up for south winds at 15-20 knots plus gusts to 25 and likely showers in the morning.

The full moon before dawn looked so close that I suspect there was a very strong current. Indeed, the Big Mohawk from Belmar blamed the slowest day of fluking in some time on a very stong current from the north. There were still some limits recorded, plus decent action with shorts. Due to the forecast, they are taking a pass for tomorrow.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar got into good bluefish action as 2-to-6-pounders bit well before boat traffic built up on a beautiful day. A move to sea bass produced a boat limit. Some ling and a Spanish mackerel were also caught. .They are planning to sail in the morning.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands saw a drop-off in Friday’s fuking due to too much current, though a 7-pounder was boated.

As noted in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been having some Word Press problems. I couldn’t scroll down to correct errors at the end. My e-mail is still cristori@aol.com.

Bay Head surfcasters have hit a few blues some mornings this week, but I put a hex on them this morning and never saw anything hooked. I talked to an angler who caught a cownose ray yesterday at Lavallette on a bucktail — the first i’ve heard of so far.

As noted in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been gaving some Word press problem– and couldn;t edit my last paragraph. My e-mail is still cristori@aol.om

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