The Golden Eagle from Belmar tried to repeat last week’s successful Exotics trip. but found “hundreds of boats” on the inshore bluefin tuna grounds.

That’s been a problem on weekends, but was a shocker on a weekday. As a result they only caught and lost a few bluefins while also losing a couple of yellowfins — but added some little tunny and bluefish.

Capt. Dave Riback said Sunday’s inshore jigging on his Queen Mary from Pt. Pleasant was horrible as both blues and sea bass wouldn’t hit after all the lightning the night before, but heard that it bounced back today. He reported that the charter boat Purple Jet manged to boat fve bluefins up to 50 pounds today.

Bluefish made a showing this morning in many surf areas south of Manasquan Inlet. Tjere was also the first little tunny in the surf report at Bay Head.

At Atlantic Highlands, the Sea Hunter reported many keepers among the short fluke on Monday, but the smaller fish prevailed during today’s steady action

The Fishermen had several larger fluke Monday, including a season leader for Joe plumber at 9.1 pounds. Bill Ciavanni Jr. almost matched that today with an 8 5/8-pounder.

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