The Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant reported the bigeye trolling bite of a lifetime as follows:

Capt. Mark DeCabia whad the trip of a lifetime – maybe the best ever big-eye trip on record for a sport fishing boat with 37 big-eyes on the Rebel with Owner Mike Tucci in one overnighter.
Capt Mark just wanted to pass along the following in his own words – and with what they accomplished it’s worth the read:
From Capt. Mark……….”I’ve waited a long time to have the opportunity to pull off an amazing day and feat with my crew and could not have done it without them. After getting located on a few piles it was a slow pick with still very good fishing under most circumstances, then for some reason it really turned on. What made this different from any other day on the edge is that it lasted 8hrs straight without a break. If you put 6 rods out you hooked 6, we even put 1 rod out just so everyone could rest for a second. But without having all the time and prep that is done during the winter things wouldn’t have gone as smooth. Catching 37 bigeyes and big daytime sword is something ill never forget it was right day, right time, right crew which made it successful.”
Gotta Go Got on ‘Em Too!
Capt. Mark DeCabia and Owner Mike Tucci’s bite were instrumental in putting our hardest fishing Member in the Coaching Service into one of his best trips of his career and as a Member.
When Capt. Mark was in the middle of his epic bite Member John Levitt on the “Gotta Go” (who did 30+ canyon trips last year and has already done 12 canyon trips this year) found out through the service and was ready to drop everything – and did drop everything – grabbed his crew – and ran offshore.
And as such – nailed 9 of his own big-eyes plus a ton of other fish – way to go John and the Gotta Go Team!

Small craft warnings are in effect through late tonight,with severe thunderstorms up to 10 p.m. However, the morning forecast is for just 5-10 knot southwest winds before becoming 5-15 with gusts to 20 in the afternoon.

The surf was down this morning, but there was still good whitewater cnditions for sand flea fishing. I missed a good hit on my first cast, but was waiting for a hit on the second hook when I became aware of some slack line. It turned out that the bass was actually hooked and had run into the beach. Circle hooks often make up for dumb anglers! I only added one other release, and Vinny D’Anton added another, with all in the 24-25-inch class. Unfortunately, I must have forgotten to put my sand spike in the car at Spring Lake the day before. If anyone should find a long plastic sand spilke colored international orange, I’d like to get it back as I must have had that for about half a century!

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported another good bluefish jigging trip this morning with 3-8-pounders for a boat limit plus some sea bass.

The offshore photos below are duplicatesCapt. Ron Santee reported much better fluking today on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands.There were four limit catches. and the pool fluke weighed 6 3/16 pounds.

The offshore photos below are duplicates that I couldn’t delete

Our C

Our C

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