Most boaters didn’t sail yesterday due to the northeast forecast and the Golden Eagle from Belmar reported “The sea conditions were really tough yesterday. There was heavy rain most of the day out there and everybody was wet and cold but those that stayed at the rail caught fish. There were plenty of readings and plenty of fish around but you had to stand out in the rain all day to catch them.

I haven’t received today’s report before heading to a holiday party, but suspect it will be a lot better. Though the Monmouth County surf was rough this morning, and lure fishermen weren’t getting hits, it was fishable with sand fleas. I managed three school striper releases.though the largest was only a 26-incher which surpised me by surfacing upon getting hooked. Vinny D’Anton had one release. but two other hits failed to hook up on the circle hooks that usually do the job.

Tomorrow;s forecast looks good with southeast winds at 5-10 knots and three-foot seas.

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