As noted in last night’s blog, Capt. Dave De Gennaro had a lot of action on his last trip with Hi Flier from Barnegat by drifting sandworms in the inlet and off the sedge banks. Following is an account of how he accomplishes that;

“The bulk of them we caught floating a whole sandworm under a bobber right in the inlet jetty. About 12 feet of line under the float, 30 inches of 20 lb fluorocarbon leader, and a #1 bronze baitholder hook. Use a small splitshot over your leader to help keep it down. Let it float right over the rocks, most of the hits come right before it hits the first rock. Caught more than a few nice tog, also, but it’s not open season, so they were released. 
On the bay side we use the same worms to tip our 3/8 to 1/2 oz jigheads for the half pint stripers behind the sod banks. Just drop them to the bottom and vertical jig them with a short, sharp sweep. ” Hi Flier may be running open Thursday and Friday from 11 to 4. Call Dave at 732 330-5674.

Conditions looked good in the Monmouth County surf this morning, despite the cold air temperature, but Vinny D’Anton and I weren’t getting any hits on sand fleas. Vinny finally got a hard hit that didn’t hook up, and my only take turned out to be a heavy 27-inch striper.

Tommy Cox didn’t do anything casting lures early, but he came up with the catch of the day when he picked up a dead spiny puffer on the beach. What that tropical species was doing in our cool waters is anyone’s guess.

The first mention of a North Jersey cobia came from Capt. Joe Massa of My Three Sons at Morgan Marina. He not only limited on fluke Sunday at Shrewsbury Rocks, but also hooked into something that was running line off his light tackle. One look at the fish was enough to identify it as about a 15-pound cobia before it broke off.

Bluefish jigging was hot today off the North Jersey Shore. The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported a boat limit — and also had some Spanish mackerel which were the first reported. They are chartered tomorrow, but will be back sailing open Friday morning — while also starting daily 4:30 p.m. (except Wednesdays) evening trips.

The forecast is for east winds at 5-10 knots in the morning before increasing in the afternoon to 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots.

The Mimi VI from Point Pleasant has open bottom fishing trips set up for 6 a.m. Thursday July 1 and Monday July 26. These limited trips cost $110 and spots must be reserved by calling 732 370-8019.

The Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant reports a hot yellowfin tuna bite in the eastern canyons plus epic swordfishing for their coaching members.such as Dan Bush who’s proud of his sons Luke and Jake who each reeled in a yellowfin from start to finish.


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  1. Hi Al, I read a day or two ago that your nephew Bob C had some fun with hickory shad in Bay Head. It was my turn this morning from about 6-7 am, lots of life in the water, big dolphin pod offshore, lots of bunker just out of reach but lots of shad tight to the beach. Caught 10 on a 007 Ava and a yellow teaser—probably missed 2-3 times that number; crafty little guys but good fighters on lite tackle/7’ rod. Beautiful day and a fun morning. Even managed to release an 18 inch striper in the middle of things. Best, Steve


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