Chuck Many has been fighting through bluefish chopping his eels this week, but a striped bass that did reach the bait first was a notable one. Though not among the largest released from Ty Man out of Highlands lately, it was a special bass as the 44-inch, 35-pounder received a Grey satellite tag that will track its movements until a scheduled release of the tag. Note the tag in the photo.

Though retrieval of the tag is a shot in the dark, people walking on beaches have been finding them. There was some concern a couple of weeks ago when one was pinpointed on Great Kills Beach by the satellite, and then tracked to residential areas before Grey was finally notified. There is a substantial reward involved.

The Crisdel from Brielle Yacht Club just got back from Florida this week, and made a striper trip. Capt. Chris De Stefano joined the crew as they trolled all their ocean hot spots with only small blues hitting and not a single striper was even marked. That was the only striper trip they’re making before switching to the canyons this Thursday. Frank Criscola said that was the first time his boat ever failed to catch a striper before the switch.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar has been limiting out regularly with sea bass, but encountered a tough bite today in a rough sea stirred up by last night’s winds. Tomorrow looks a lot better, and they have room on the afternoon trip.

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Small craft warnings are coming down this evening, and west winds at just 5-10 knots are predicted in the morning before increasing to 10-15 in the afternoon.

The Jamaica from Brielle has room on tonight’s 7;30 half-night ling trip.

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