It’s not often that everything works out perfectly in fishing, but that was the case when Chuck Many invited me to join him on Tyman from Gateway Marina in Highlands for my 85th birthday. I joined Capt. Lou Grazioso and Dave Glassberg as we enjoyed sunshine and almost calm seas.

Many has been catching big stripers with his technique of trolling live eels on planer boards, and we had a perfect day to run down the beach and deploy a multitude of rods set at various depths in the still cool ocean waters that are holding spawned-out bass moving up the coast to New England.

It didn’t take long before a bass was hooked, but cut the leader on something below, However, our fortunes soon changed and I fought a 39-pounder that made my day. When fish that were marking failed to hit, Many made a move that got me over the 40-pound barrier with a 46–pounder. As with all of the stripers caught on Tyman, that fish received a Grey fish tag and was measured before being released to fight another day.

Many’s magic wasn’t finished as my next hit resulted in a much longer run. When Lou first saw the fish come up he thought it was a shark, but was actually an even bigger bass which recorded 51 pounds on Chuck’s Boga Grip. That was my 16th striper over 50 pounds, and only my second from N.J. waters. See photo with Lou below.

The last bass I reeled in was the smallest at 34 pounds, but it provided a blistering surface run on a spinning rod. It was a fine end to a relatively short day by Chuck’s standards, and I’m indebted to my friends who made a beautiful day on the ocean a memorable one for an old salt.

Another similar day is forecast for tomorrow. The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported red hot sea bass fishing that resulted in a boat limit. They also chased splashing bluefish without much success — and saw tuna on the surface that wouldn’t hit. ,


  1. Nice Birthday present. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! From a long time reader/follower going back when you were regular in the Newark news papers. You helped us in our long ago quest for catching bass (and other fish). So long ago!!! I am too old now to go out but great hearing you still got it. Great memories. We had a Owen’s 27 ft (Argonaut) and then a 31 ft Pacemaker (Jinx). Happy Birthday again.


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