Everyone seems to be doing well with sea bass this season, but there’s often some variety in the catch. The Jamaica from Brielle found that to be the case on Monday when two monkfish were added along with a few whiting.

Monkfish are properly known as anglers, and also commonly called goosefish as they’ve been known to clamp on a dangling goose leg in shallow waters and drag the unfortunate bird to the bottom. The angler grows to well over 50 pounds, and is capable of swallowing prey almost as large as itself. My personal record of 42 1/2 pounds was caught on an umbrella rig being trolled with wire line at Shark’s Ledge off Block Island. Though ugly, they are very good eating and only have one bone running through a mound of meat after cleaning.

After a long stretch of fine weather, there’s a change starting Wednesday after starting with 10-15-knot southwest winds. In the afternoon it kicks up to 15-20 knots with a chance of showers and thunder storms.

I’m traveling back to N.J. today, and won’t be back in time to do another blog until Wednesday night.


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