Jim Hutchinson Jr. of The Fisherman magazine reports as follows:

A former commercial bunker boat, Carters Creek, takes a few final breaths before her 145-foot hull sinks to rest at the ocean floor at Manasquan Reef. Kudos to the Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Association and The Sportfishing Fund for sponsoring the new deployment, and especially the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Capt. Stan Zagleski Jr. will be switching to daily fluke fishing on Saurday with his Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands. His father set stadards for party boat doornats that he’ll be trying to eclipse this year.

Also switching to fluke on Saturday will be the half-day Sea Tiger from Atlantic Highlands. They jigged a 35-inch striper Sunday morning, and had a few blues on the fternoon trip.

The beautiful weather continues with 5-knot east winds in the morning before increasing late in the afternoon.

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