Wind and rain resulted in no reports, but things are looking up during the week as the New Jersey tautog season ends as the month runs out.

Small craft warnings are up as northwest winds blow through Monday afternoon. The morning forecast is for 20-25 knots before diminishing to 15-20 plus higher gusts in the afternoon which should produce a flat ocean during the week.

Though there have been lots of striped bass in Raritan Bay, there have been many days when they haven’t been biting well. Charter skippers and striper pros have usually been able to work around that by changing areas and techniques, but the situation has been tough on party boats as noted in the following post yesterday by Capt. Rob Semkewyc of the Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands.

“This has been one of the hardest starts to a spring striper season that I can remember. We are catching some shorts, but it’s not good fishing. I keep hoping every trip that this is the day they are going to eat. I have never seen so many fish. The charter boats that are trolling are catching some fish but most days are not even that good. We have a full moon tonight and I hope and pray that things get going next week. We will keep trying that’s all I can do. See you soon, Capt. Rob”


  1. We have been fishing the shoes by the navesink river when the weather is bad which is most of the time up until this full moon. And the fish have become very finicky there also. They bite but very lightly you have to wait them out there is a Bunker die off going on in the Shrewsbury and navesink River there’s a lot of dead bunkers up on the beaches. Of the rivers. But this is a normal happenstance it happens every few years. Nothing to get excited about hopefully after this full moon things will Shape Up and round out into a better fishery for all.


    1. Good to hear from you. I’m in Florida now. but have heard the bunker die-off was caused by bacteria rather than overcrowding. Glad you’re catching some.


      1. It’s almost may it has two it’s just about time for tomato plants to go in the ground I have been up trout fishing on the streams catching some nice rainbows. Up around 16 17 in. As long as the weather is going to stay rotten I’ll go fish for trout at least I’m catching something and that’s the main thing there are a lot of stripers around but again they are disappointment this spring to some extent. Will be venturing off to Scotland looking for laying very shortly everybody wants Ling.


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