NOTE: On Thursday April 15th all Derby registrants will receive an email invitation to attend a ZOOM meeting to be held that night at 7:00pm. The purpose is to review rules and answer any questions. Attendance is not mandatory but if you never fished the Derby before you may find it helpful.
On Friday April 16th, around 8:00pm, everyone entered in the Derby will get an email with their own 3-digit Derby Number. That number is unique for each angler and MUST be visible in any photo submitted for review by the judges. Do NOT show your name in the photo or it will be disqualified.
Entry photographs are to be emailed to:
Remember this is strictly a “no kill” derby. Catch, Photo & Releaseand/orCatch, Tag, Photo and THEN Release.
To register by US Postal Service, print and complete the Entry Form below. (Entry Form also available on the website at Then mail it, along with your check made payable to “The HRFA”, to our address:
H.R.F.A.PO Box 421Cresskill, NJ 07626

Party boats are still trying to break through with stripers. Capt. Rob Semkewyz gouldn’t even get a hit Saturday on his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands despite using lures, bunker and clam. The only fish he saw caught were by trollers, and even they weren’t doing much.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar did well with blackfish yesterday, including a “slob” they estimated at 14 pounds. Their customers may have to take up a collection to buy them a scale.

A small craft advisory is up through Monday afternoon. The morning forecast is for northeast winds at 15-20 knots with gusts to 25 and likely showers.

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  1. This week’s weather does not look good for being out for any length of time without getting wet or blown apart by those East Winds. This is that time of the year when we transition from early spring into mid-spring form. And at that point things will change dramatically in the ocean and the bay. Fish will be on their scooters going north. And everyday will be a new adventure.


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