Fishing prospects in NY/NJ Bight aren’t looking very good as the rain may discolor some inshore areas, and small craft warnings are up from 1 a.m. through Friday.

Friday’s forecast is for north winds of 25-30 knots with gusts to 45. Possible showers early change to snow or rain — but Sunday looks much better.

Raritan Bay shoreline anglers continue to catch some mostly short stripers and have seen some bunkers breaking. Last year the fishery for large stripers on bunkers broke open very early during the third week in March.

Winter flounder are a possibility off the Belmar docks, but sunny days with light winds are your best bet in that fishery. The Ocean Explorer is sailing for cod when the weather makes it possible and enough anglers show up — which wasn’t the case on the one nice day this week, A very rare fish was caught last Thursday on that boat — an Atlantic mackerel! There was no explanation of the photo, but I suspect it hit an empty hook being reeled up. That species used to be the most abundant in the Bight when they provided spring and winter migratory runs. They are never alone, but this one was here much too early to signal the return of a spring run.

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