The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Administration is accepting comments for the 2021 Recreational NJ Summer Flounder Season. All minimum size and possession limit regulations will remain unchanged, including the Island Beach State Park and Delaware Bay special management areas. The possible options are open seasons from:May 22 – September 19 (the same as 2020), or May 28 – September 28. No other options are available for the 2021 Recreational NJ Summer Flounder Season.Please include in your written comments the following:Your preferred option (1 or 2)The state and county you fish in or from. Describe the type of angler or general public category that best describes you (shore angler, private boat, party boat owner/captain, fishing industry, other).Submit comments to: : NJMarineFishPublicComment@dep.nj.govTHIS IS THE ONLY E-MAIL ADDRESS TO USE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS.
Please make sure to have “2021 NJ Summer Flounder Options” as the Subject.The comment period will close on February 26, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. Comments will need to be received prior to that time to be included in this management decision at the March 4, 2021 Marine Fisheries Council meeting. When available, webinar information for this meeting will be found on the meeting schedule page.

There may be a window of fishing opportunity tomorrow, and the Ocean Explorer from Belmar will be sailing for blackfish.

The forecast starts with southwest winds at 10-15 knots before increasing to south 20-25 with gusts to 30.

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  1. As you well know and so do I for all the years that we have both fish. I just turned 70 back last October. And knowing all my years I have never seen the lack of fishermen that I saw this past year. It had a lot to do with the virus of course there was no enthusiasm by Boat Owners either. Fluke fishing was way down from what is traditionally is unfortunately the ones who control us today with these ridiculous size limits and numbers are the ones hurting The Fishery white allocating tremendous amounts. To our own commercial sector and we then take a lot of these fluke that are taken from the Gully washer in the winter time and they ship them overseas. And you know as well as I do Al who gets the blame for it it’s the guy with the rod and reel and his own boat or on the party boats. We try to fight them with common sense and there isn’t any with these people. There is only greed with money in their eyes and their dreams. There is no wonder there is a depletion in our Fisheries. Long ago the days of the Whiting Ling and mackerel runs. There are no winter Cod Fisheries is there once was. What is left out there it’s hard to describe and what they are doing to the stripers today is totally ridiculous the blue fish are in their cycle as well as weakfish. We can only hope for an early spring and the flounder Fishery is able to recover someday? The sport fishery has taken a beating over the years and we continue to see the decline in many species. We can point the finger at the commercial sector but it is not just then it is the ones making these ridiculous laws of sending these fish abroad and not protecting what we have close to the coast as you can see by the striper fishery we need more hatcheries on the Hudson and here in New Jersey and other states in their range to make this species continue to be a good sport Fishery. But I did say sportfish for you that means that every state must participate like New Jersey and make the striped bass a sportfish being protected by the laws how is has been a long winter I was hoping for a break for us to see each other at the shows but they don’t seem to be going to happen again this year I hope to see you on the water fishing with the guys in the Shrewsbury River or out in the bay. Wish you well always


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