Though the northwest wind continues in the morning,that 15-20 knot forecast drops to just 5-10 during the day. As a result, the Ocean Explorer from Belmar is planing to sail Sunday for blackfish.

Those preferring to stay home can get a taste of rhe tropics at 8 a.m. by watching George Poveromo’s new show on yellowtail snapper fishing in the Florida Keys on the Discovery Channel. I’m enjoying the Florida cold snap (down to the 50s), but spending the day in Palm Beach Gardens to welcome my first granddaughter which Cyndi delivered two days ago. Elizabeth Gonzalez is a real keeper at 8 pounds — and Luis has her first rod and reel ready to go.


  1. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! And Im hoping your get some warmer weather down there too. Up in New Hope, PA (my cold month winter haven) I haven’t seen as much as a blade of grass due to a lingering 8-9” blanket of snow! Enjoy the new baby pop pop!


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