The IGFA has restructured and appointed famed N.J. angler Michael Criscola II to its Board of Trustees as per the following the release:

IGFA Announces Significant Changes to Board of Trustees
Exciting changes follow annual board meeting

DANIA BEACH, FL – February 18, 2021 – The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) recently announced several changes to the Board of Trustees following the organization’s annual board meeting, including new leadership in the executive committee and the addition of five new board members.

Executive Committee

IGFA Chairman Charles “Carlos” Duncan, III, who had served in this role with distinction since 2015, announced that he would be stepping down as IGFA Chairman. “The years that I’ve spent serving as IGFA Chairman have truly been rewarding,” said Duncan during his final board meeting as IGFA Chairman. “Between working with fellow board members and staff, I am confident that we have collectively made the organization stronger than when I assumed this role.”

Assuming the role of IGFA Chairman is Roy Cronacher, who has been an IGFA Trustee since 2010 and who has most recently been serving as Vice Chairman & Treasurer for the organization. “I have had the pleasure of working closely with Carlos over the years, and he and I have always worked as a team and will continue to do so. I look forward to continuing the legacy that Carlos, the  IGFA Board of Trustees, the directors, and staff built during his time as IGFA Chairman,” said Cronacher. “I’m excited to get to work!”

Additional changes to the IGFA Executive Committee include the appointment of Chase Offield to the role of Vice Chairman, and the appointment of Robert Kurz as Treasurer.

Board Expansion

In addition to the changes within the IGFA Executive Committee, there were also five new individuals appointed to the IGFA Board of Trustees during the recent board meeting. The appointment of these five individuals increases the total number of the IGFA Board of Trustees to 23. Listed below is additional information on the five recently appointed Trustees:

Michael Criscola, II
Michael is the Executive Vice President and Principal for the Crisdel Group, Inc, which is a family‐owned company that provides specialty construction and contracting services including asphalt and concrete paving, excavation, heavy civil and highway construction, site development and utility infrastructure construction throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. In addition to his responsibilities with Crisdel, Michael is currently a Heavy Highway Representative on the Board of Trustees for the Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey (ACC of NJ). Michael is a passionate angler that also serves as the Chairman of the Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Guides Trust Foundation in Florida. Michael fishes both inshore and offshore with conventional and fly tackle.

Molly Fleming
Molly Fleming has been an active member of the International Women’s Fishing Association (IWFA) since 1972, and an IGFA Lifetime Member since 2001. Her mother became an IWFA member in 1960, just five years after it was founded. Molly is especially adept in fishing with light tackle and has won a number of IWFA fishing tournaments. She fishes for virtually everything that swims, from black marlin to bluegill, on conventional and fly tackle. Molly has an encyclopedic knowledge of fishing history, especially when it comes to women’s influence and involvement in the sport.

Nassim Joaquin
Avid fly angler Nassim Joaquin of Cozumel Island, Mexico, founded the Peninsula Fly Fishing Club‐‐Mexico’s only saltwater fly-fishing club. He co‐authored the book “Flyfishing in Mexico: The Yucatan Peninsula” with Juan Pablo Reynal and Daniel Beillinson, and has achieved three IGFA World Records and numerous IGFA Inshore Grand Slams on fly. Working with Dr. Aaron Adams of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Joaquin launched the bonefish and permit tagging program in Mexico. Former president of Amigos de Sian Ka’an A.C.‐‐ the largest fishing conservation organization in Southeast Mexico‐‐ Joaquin also served as president of the State of Quintana Roo Sport Fishing Committee. He founded the e‐fly fishing magazine “Pesca Con Mosca” and contributes to numerous publications worldwide. Nassim has been an IGFA Lifetime Member since 2001 and an IGFA Representative since 2005.

Nathaniel Linville
A resident of Key West, Florida, Nathaniel Linville owns and operates the Angling Company, a premier fly shop in the Florida Keys. Linville has been an IGFA Representative since 2015, and is a passionate tournament angler and an IGFA World Record chaser. In his angling resume, Linville has won the March Merkin Invitational Permit Tournament twice and the Del Brown Tournament once. He has also won the fly division in the Cuda Bowl four times and the Superfly three times. Always looking to advance the sport and educate others, Linville is credited with developing the “Cobranagle” knot for tarpon fishing, and he writes regularly for his blog and teaches fly casting in Key West to students from around the world. Nathaniel also has a strong roster of six IGFA Tippet Class World Records to his credit, including the IGFA Men’s 6‐lb Tippet Class World Record for tarpon record for a 140-pound, 4-ounce fish, and the IGFA Men’s 2‐lb Tippet Class World Records for a 16-lb permit. Nathaniel is a staunch proponent for adhering to IGFA Angling Rules and was instrumental in developing the inaugural IGFA Permit Invitational Tournament.

Stephanie Choate‐Oppenheimer
Stephanie Choate is the daughter of IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame member Tim Choate, and has been an IGFA Representative since 2017. Influenced by her father’s love of fishing, she continues the family’s dedication to the sport by fishing competitively in tournaments around the world. Stephanie has won the Blue Marlin World Cup, the Bermuda Triple Crown, and is the recipient of the IGFA Gil Keech Heavy Tackle Award. She also holds the IGFA Women’s 50-lb Line Class World Record for black marlin with a 1,111-pound fish. In her fishing travels, Stephanie spreads the IGFA’s mission and vision while inspiring younger generations of anglers. Stephanie is also a board member of Wild Oceans ‐‐a nonprofit that collaborates with IGFA to strengthen the ethics of the fishing industry.

“These five individuals are valuable additions to the IGFA Board of Trustees,” said IGFA President Jason Schratwieser. “Each of which bring experience and varied perspectives to the IGFA Board. I am confident they will help us better accomplish the IGFA’s mission for years to come.”

The IGFA Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the goals and policies of the association, and ensuring that its strategies, programs and initiatives fulfill the vision and mission of the organization. Drawn from across the global recreational angling community, the IGFA Board of Trustees includes business leaders and passionate anglers who have materially contributed to the advancement of ethical, conservation-based sport fishing.

To learn more about the current IGFA Board of Trustees, please visit:

About the IGFA

Founded in 1939, The International Game Fish Association is a nonprofit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling. The IGFA maintains world records in freshwater, saltwater, fly-fishing and junior angler categories. The IGFA has members in more than 100 countries.

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