Fish taging had long ago established the basics of striped bass migratory movements from spawning areas to summering grounds, but it wasn’t until the very recent use of pop-off Gray Fish Tag Research devices that the assumption of basically straight line coastal migration was torn apart.

It just seemed logical that stripers would follow the coast and forage sources such as menhaden all along the way, but that assumption was shattered right away when two post-spawn large Hudson River stripers received satellite tags a couple of years ago which revealed movements out to the edges of canyons that had never been suspected.

Despite the challange of the pandemic, the tagging continued last summer as two stripers over 45 inches were tagged from Chuck Many’s Ty Man off Sandy Hook – and a 46-incher was added from Pollock Rip at Montauk. Though these bass basically headed for Nantucket Shoals, they mostly stayed in federal waters closer to the reach of tuna fishermen than to legal capture by striper anglers. Then the Montauk bass ended up shedding her pop-off tag on Nov. 3 way back in Delaware Bay near Fortescue. The fascinating story is detailed by Jim Hutchinson Jr. in the February editions of The Fisherman magazine.

The marine weather forecast for Wednesday calls for northwest winds at 15-20 knots plus gusts to 30. A switch to northeast and snow follows. Chuck Many should like that for ice fishing such as in the photo he sent:

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